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IN REAL LIFE: A Slenderman Musical


Trevor Bachman, Jonathan Sokolow, and Josh Brown will have their new musical IN REAL LIFE: A SLENDERMAN MUSICAL presented at the Tisch School of the Arts Saturday, May 30th. The reading is a closed developmental reading with further presentations slated for winter 2015.

Here’s a short description from the playwrights:

Inspired by true events, IN REAL LIFE: A SLENDERMAN MUSICAL, is a modern day, electro-acoustic ghost story about the real-life consequences of the digital world. The play surrounds the myth of Slenderman, an icon of Internet folklore who is attributed to the abduction of children and the violence of teenagers all over the world. In this dark comedy, adults reconcile with the changing landscape of communication, as the deepest and most disturbing fantasies of childhood manifest into reality on and offline.

The piece is directed by Lauren Z. Adleman, music directed by Ben Caplan, and staged managed by Meg Whitehurst. The cast includes PJ Adzima, Sydney Blaxill, Alex Gibson, Stevi Incremona, Angel Lin, Teri Madonna, Matt Rogers, Angela Sclafani, Dan Tepper, Vishal Vaidya, Allan Washington.

IN REAL LIFE: A SLENDERMAN MUSICAL is presented to you by producers Zachary Infante and Sydney Blaxill.

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