Flops, Failures, and the Like

Ever feel frustration, disappointment, or madness induced by the political machinations of your industry? Before this song was debuted last week at The Metropolitan Room as part of The Civilians’ “Let Me Ascertain You” series, Michael Reidel of the NY Post billed it as “a montage from all the vampire shows that shriveled up on Broadway”. While it is TRUE that I wrote this song based on interviews with two actors from the Broadway casts of Lestat and Dracula, my hope is that the song resonates on a level that goes beyond failed vampire musicals. If you have ever felt funny about making relevant work in a producing model that favors “sure fire hits”, about going from one audition to the next hoping for a job, or even about art-making as a profiteering business, you’ll find you may not be alone. Originally written for (and interviewed by) The Civilians R&D Group. Enjoy!

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