DEUS EX LIBRIS, Music by Trevor Bachman // Words by Dylan Lamb

“Deus Ex Libris: The Alternative Rise and Imagined Fall of the ‘Categorically’ Infamous Melvil Dewey”.

An ambitious, unqualified megalomaniac rises to power through the American Government by promising extreme reform with hazardous consequences. As his power grows, two lovers attempt to stop him.

An American Gothic Political Period Drama, Followed by Absurdist Slapstick Comedy, Followed by Hyper-minimal Existentialist Tragedy.

I am thrilled to release 4 songs, co-written by myself and playwright/lyricist Dylan Lamb for a crazy new piece of theatre.

The music features the singing of three vocal badasses, Travis Kent (Disaster on Broadway), Zachary Infante (School of Rock), and Stevi Incremona (Pyre Cantata).

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