“Chasing Fear”, The Music of Trevor Bachman at Rockwood

Happy Birthday to me!

I am THRILLED to announce my Rockwood debut with a new concert, “Chasing Fear”.

“Chasing Fear” is a concert of a new show, featuring 10 macabre fairy tales told in English and Turkish through a fusion of rock, gospel, and Arabic folk music. A ghostly visitation, Chasing Fear is a playful, Burton-esque Thriller that makes for a diverse, delicious, and sonically satisfying evening.

There is already of killer line up of singers and musicians, soon to be announced, and I am really excited to share some brand new songs with you.

The play is being developed with writer/producer Blake McCarty, and this is the first of what will be many steps toward full realization.

Additionally, the poster seen above will be printed as a limited edition risograph by Authorized to Work in the US, and will be sold for the price of a drink at the concert!

Stay tuned for more updates about performers, songs, and surprises!


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