Blue River EP

‘Like the Blue River, I want to run’.

Songs are like crystals. They create worlds, prisms, and beautifully warped reflections. They bend our perception of light, allowing us a closer, perhaps abstracted, glimpse at reality.

The theatre, for me, has always been a haven. It is a civic space, and an activist space. It reflects and continually challenges my strongest notions of who we are and how we perceive each other.

How do we view one another? Beyond skin, beyond the glass walls of our devices, beyond time and space. Who are we to one another?
This is the crux of ‘BLUE RIVER’.

‘BLUE RIVER’ lies at the intersection of theatre and song. From adapting classics, like ‘Antigone’ in my opera ‘PYRE CANTATA’, to questioning the internet’s role in teen life (‘In Real Life: A Slenderman Musical’), I am creating a collage of the characters I see to better understand how we arrived at this moment in our history.

Who are we to one another?
It is my delight to share ‘BLUE RIVER’.

Trevor Bachman

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